I’m imagining myself as George Harrison on this day.

So yesterday my Moog synthesizer was delivered to the studio, and I used it to add some cool space sounds to “Because.” Pretty smashing, right?

Then today Paul wants to use the fucking thing – on fucking “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer.” But of course I have to say yes, have to put on a nice face.

As I’m in the studio down the hall overdubbing more guitar onto “Here Comes the Sun,” the whole time I’m silently fuming, thinking of Paul with his grubby little hands on my new toy, using it on that song. Is he trying to piss me off? Or is it just in his nature?

This is all pure speculation on my part. Maybe George didn’t care. Maybe Paul didn’t even ask permission. But you can bet that somebody was pissed off at somebody else about something.

And if I’m George, I’m even more annoyed that Paul seems to have no learning curve for any new instrument. Bob Spitz’s The Beatles says that it had taken George “months of fiddling around with the apparatus just to get it switched on.” But according to engineer Alan Parsons,

Paul used the Moog for the solo in Maxwell’s Silver Hammer but the notes were not from the keyboard. He did that with a continuous ribbon-slide thing, just moving his finger up and down on an endless ribbon. It’s very difficult to find the right notes, rather like a violin, but Paul picked it up straight away. He can pick up anything musical in a couple of days.

That Paul. Such a fucking showoff.

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