The Beatles’ new single came out today. You may perhaps notice something different about the cover. In those sweet, innocent days of slow-traveling information, there must have been many scenes of people standing in record stores scratching their heads, muttering “Who’s the new Beatle? He looks kind of sinister.”1

As Paul McCartney later noted,

Yoko used to sit in on the photos. And we really didn’t know how to tell her to get out.

To be fair, Yoko is in the title of the song, and George and Ringo didn’t play on it either. But her presence here is jarring and not a little ominous. Fortunately this trend did not continue, and Yoko was not photographed walking across Abbey Road next to John.2

Meanwhile the actual John and Yoko were still Bedding in Montreal. It’s difficult to pin down specific events to specific days during this period, and really to be honest not even worth trying. But here’s a few minutes of footage; depending in your level of interest, I invite you to watch some, all, or none of it.

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