Today Paul granted an interview to ex-schoomate Roy Corlett, host of a radio show called Light and Local on BBC Merseyside, based in Liverpool. Fortunately the whole thing was preserved for posterity:

Paul begins by making a dad joke playing on the word “local” (which also means “pub”), which is only fitting as several minutes of the interview are dedicated to discussing his new wife and adopted daughter, Heather. He says he likes being a family man and hopes to have a bunch of kids — “as many as I can stand.”

As for The Beatles, Paul says “We’ve been up till four in the morning making records,” adding later, “We’re working harder than we’ve ever done.” At that moment, however, they were preparing go their separate ways for an extended holiday.

About six minutes into the interview the subject of Magical Mystery Tour comes up, and Paul is keen to make the case that it got a bad rap and is now beginning to find an audience:

It’s been around America since and it’s been very successful at the moment, because people are catching up with what it’s about now…. I think in about ten years’ time it’s going to be one of those where you say, “Let’s have a look at that again.”

And maybe some people did, only to find that it still sucked in 1979, just as it does right up to the present day. Sorry, Paulie. No use flogging a dead horse.

After that Paul talks about John and Yoko, drugs, and future plans for The Beatles. He has it all figured out.

We’ve still got a lot to do in music, as far as we’re concerned. We just finished a [never-to-be-released] album now, and we’re on to the next one….

If we want to do shows, we’ll still do them. But we don’t want to be tied down to shows. But in the music, you can continue singing and playing till the day before you die. We intend to do that… the music will always be there.

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