There was a recording session today, but not a Beatles session. It was a John and Yoko session, at which they worked on the track “John and Yoko” (later included on their Wedding Album) — not to be confused with “The Ballad of John and Yoko.”

For this track, says The Beatles Bible,

Lennon and Ono had recorded their heartbeats using a sensitive hospital microphone. They then stood at a pair of microphones and called each others’ names for 22 minutes.

Following mixing attempts on 22 and 26 April, it was decided that the heartbeats could be improved.

And here we encounter the question of how much time it’s worth spending on things like this which, though certainly Beatles-related, are not actually The Beatles, and also utterly dreadful. I didn’t make it even a minute into this piece, which might generously be called “experimental,” and more accurately “sadistic.”

This question will come up many more times during the remaining life of this blog. It might be good to have a general policy, but I suppose a case-by-case evaluation will do. In this case… we’re done here.

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