Undeterred by Paul’s wedding and George’s drug bust, Glyn Johns continued to work on stereo mixes of songs from the Apple Studios sessions. Today, in addition to Beatle originals “I’ve Got a Feeling” and “Dig It,” he mixed a bunch of covers of old rock songs:

At some point there may have been thoughts of a double album, one disc of originals and one of classics, or even two separate albums. But here on Earth Prime only one of these songs, “Maggie Mae,” ended up being officially released.

After today there was no more work on the projected new album until May, at which point Johns created a second version based on The Beatles’ feedback. Get Back Mark II was initially scheduled for release in July, then pushed back to December, then shelved and eventually superseded by Let It Be. I think we all know the story by now, and given that yesterday’s post was a humdinger, let’s keep this short.

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