Continuing to work on the theoretical new Beatles album, today Glyn Johns mixed versions of “Two of Us,” “The Long and Winding Road,” and “Lady Madonna.” The first two would end up appearing on Let It Be, though “Long and Winding” would be gussied up with strings and choral vocals by Phil Spector, much to Paul’s annoyance.

The outlier here is “Lady Madonna,” a self-cover that The Beatles played around with at Apple Studios, though not very successfully:

Maybe there’s a better take I don’t know about? Maybe Johns just included a fragment for entertainment purposes? Since we’re talking about a never-to-be-released project anyway, it’s probably wasteful to spend too much time thinking about it.

Also today, Paul and George were in the studio with Jackie Lomax, whose recent single “Sour Milk Sea” had underperformed. Determined to get Lomax a hit, the two Beatles — who were not on especially good terms at this point — joined forces to produce a cover of the Coasters song “Thumbin’ a Ride”:

But plans would change down the line and this would end up as the B-side to “New Day,” a Lomax original which also failed to set the world on fire. In fact Lomax’s whole Apple career was distressing new evidence that not everything The Beatles touched automatically turned to gold.

All that was Tuesday. Wednesday would be a big day for both Paul and George, in very different ways. Stay tuned.

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