George Harrison’s 26th birthday to himself was to go into EMI Studios with engineer Ken Scott and record high-quality demos of “Old Brown Shoe,”  “Something,” and “All Things Must Pass.” (At this point George was still celebrating his birthday on February 25 — he had not yet learned that he was actually born late on the 24th.)

All three of these demos were included on Anthology 3, and so we can honor George appropriately — and easily — by giving them a listen.

And that will be it for February, which has been a quiet one on the Beatle beat, providing a much-needed breather after the brutal slog that was January. March will be more active, and April busier still. Thanks to all of you who are still with me. As of this moment, the plan is to end The Beatles Plus 50 on the day of the last Beatles recording session, January 4, 1970. We’ll see how that feels when the time comes, but the clock, she is ticking.

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