John and Yoko were all over the media during this period, partly to promote Two Virgins and their various peace/art projects. But also, I think, John was laying the groundwork for his announcement that he was leaving The Beatles — an announcement that would never come, as he would chicken out after a band meeting later in the month.

In the early hours of this morning, after filming their bit for The Rolling Stones’ Rock and Roll Circus, they had made a live appearance on a BBC radio show called “Night Ride.” The host was John Peel (R.I.P.), later of Peel Sessions fame, philosopher-king of British radio. Here’s a clip; you might want to fast-forward past the first five minutes, which are mostly occupied by an excerpt from Two Virgins. In fact you might want to fast-forward past the whole thing; there’s not a lot of content there, but just in case you’re curious:

Afterward they returned to the studio in Wembley in time to catch the finale of the Circus. Later that same day — presumably after getting some sleep, though who knows — they headed to John’s dentist’s office in Knightsbridge (where the rich girl in the Stones’ “Play with Fire” no longer gets her kicks). They were accompanied there by a Dutch television crew, who interviewed Yoko alone while John was getting his teeth worked on, then the two of them together.

If you care to see the half-hour-plus of Yoko footage, I would direct you to Dangerous Minds, who are much bigger Yoko fans than I (than just about anyone, I’d wager). Even the parts with John are only intermittently interesting, but I’m including them here out of a sense of duty.

Dentists play a curiously prominent role in The Beatles’ legend: It was a dentist who dosed John and George for the first time, back in May 1965, sadly too early to appear in this blog. If perchance you don’t know the story, The Beatles Bible’s coverage is well worth a read. Over and out for now.

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