I don’t know if The Beatles had yet set a deadline for the completion of their ever-expanding new album, but John Lennon for one appeared to be in a hurry. Today he and the boys laid down not one but two of the songs he’d had in his satchel since Rishikesh: “I’m So Tired” and “The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill.”

“I’m So Tired” is one of John’s best — at least I think so, and I am not terribly inclined to listen to counterarguments on this point. Taut, direct, witty, and simmering with controlled fury, this is John playing the blues in the only honest way a rich rock star can, by turning around to look at his own inner demons.

After knocking out “I’m So Tired” in 14 takes, the band added backing vocals and overdubbed more drums and guitar, electric piano, and organ. They then turned their attention to “Bungalow Bill,” which is generally not considered one of John’s more stellar efforts. I personally quite like it, but I can understand why some people find it annoying. Judge for yourself:

It sounds like it was fun to make, though. After completing the basic track in a quick-and-dirty three takes, says The Beatles Bible,

Lennon then double-tracked his vocals, accompanied by a chorus of The Beatles and various studio guests including [Ringo’s] wife Maureen Starkey. This overdub also featured whistling, clapping and tambourine.

George Martin’s assistant Chris Thomas then added Mellotron, firstly on the mandolin setting during the verses, then a bassoon sound – previously used on “Flying” – for the final singalong and ending.

The session did not wrap up until 8 A.M., by which time I bet everyone really was So Tired.

I know, I know, such a clumsy circular wrapup — but time is tight, so let’s roll with it.


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