I have to grit my teeth for this one, because the song recorded on these days is my personal most detested Beatles track. Nothing in the catalog is more likely to send me scrambling for the Skip button than “Honey Pie” — not even “Revolution 9,” though it’s telling that both were dumped on Side 4 of the White Album. They show John and Paul at their most divergent: John experimental to the point of sadism, Paul backward-looking, rooty-tooty, and friendly to the point of nausea.

I’ve always imagined John being actively hostile to “Honey Pie,” but I could be projecting. According to Paul, “Both John and I had a great love for music hall, what the Americans call vaudeville.” And I guess he ought to know. John certainly played on “Honey Pie,” adding — according to George Harrison — “a brilliant solo [that] sounded like Django Reinhardt or something. It was one of them where you just close your eyes and happen to hit all the right notes.”

However lightweight it may seem, a lot of effort went into “Honey Pie,” particularly in terms of giving it a vintage sound. Should you be so inclined, you can read a detailed account on The Beatles Bible, or an even more detailed one on Beatlesbooks.com. I recuse myself from this one on grounds of disinterest; I promise to do a better job on “Savoy Truffle.”

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