Many overdubs on “Hey Jude” today: bass, vocals, tambourine, and a 36-piece orchestra consisting of bassoon, cellos, clarinets, contrabass clarinet, contrabassoon, flutes, percussion, string basses, trombones, trumpets, violas, and violins. Many of the session musicians were also asked to provide handclaps and backing vocals, for which they received an additional fee.

By the end of the day the song was complete, needing only to be mixed. It would be in stores 25 days from now, the first Beatles single since “Lady Madonna” back in March. Derek Taylor’s press release would assure the record-buying public that The Beatles

are confident and cheerful and the human condition will be thrilled by the coming results of their willing and enduring Beatle bondage … they will give all of us new wonders to soothe our pain.

Which is rather over-promising, of course. But that’s PR for you.

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