This was the day of the epic Beatles photo shoot that became known as the “May Day Out.” In the course of one summer Sunday, the four Beatles were shot by six photographers in seven locations.

Among the photos taken was the one currently serving as the top banner of this blog. That may change as time goes on, so I’ll repeat it here:

And honestly, how great is that picture? It captures so much about the dynamics of the band at this moment. Both John and George clearly have it in for Paul, but while John hasn’t quite made up his mind, smirking George has no qualms about giving Paul that fatal shove — though he’ll be hiding behind John when he does it. It’s not out of the question that defenseless John will follow Paul off the edge — much more room for George’s songs on the next album. Ringo, meanwhile, just really, honestly wants to help, but there’s not much he can do.

Many, many pictures were taken that day — just do an image search for “Mad Day Out” — but the spookiest is this one:

How did they know?

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