I was only just informed that Ringo Starr (pictured above laying down the vocal for “Good Night”) turned 78 today (2018 time). As has become his tradition, he asked his fans to say “Peace and Love” in his honor at noon in whatever time zone they happened to be in. I was in an airplane somewhere over the midwest at the time, so even if I had been on top of things, this would have been hard to pull off.

This means that on this day in 1968, Ringo was celebrating his 28th. There was no mention of this in The Beatles Bible, which I usually rely on to tell me such things. Nor was there any coverage of his 26th or 27th on this blog. Poor Ringo always gets short shrift. So although it is late here, and I got up butt-nasty early to fly to the East Coast, then drove from Newark, N.J. to Providence, R.I., I didn’t want to go to bed without wishing Ringo a happy birthday.

So Happy Birthday, Ring. Peace and Love. Long may you reign as the oldest living Beatle. I’ll try to do better next year.

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