There was a lot of Beatle activity on this day, though none of it had to do with music; it was all theatre, and gossip, and personal milestones.

For one thing, this was Paul “Twitchy Dick” McCartney’s 26th birthday, and how crazy is that? Think about how far we are into the Beatles saga at this point — almost at the end, really — and he’s still so young. George is even younger, and John’s only a little older; not even Ringo, the eldest, will turn 30 as a Beatle.

That means that in 2018 time, Paul — that’s “Sir Twitchy Dick” to you — is now 76 and still at it. Good for him. Just yesterday he tweeted out this image, which many observers seem to think is the cover of his new album:

Back in 1968, June 18 also marked the premiere of the National Theatre’s stage version of John Lennon’s book In His Own Write. John showed up at the Old Vic Theatre with Yoko in tow, causing a great kerfluffle among the press, who were still largely unaware of his change in marital status. One exchange is reported to have gone like this:

Reporter: “Where’s your wife, Mr Lennon?”

John: “I don’t know.”

The scene looked something like this:

George and Ringo were also in attendance, having flown back from the States just that day. Paul had opted to go to a different play, one starring his still-fiancee Jane Asher. Was this another sign of the growing rift between Paul and John, or simply an indication that Paul was trying to score points with Jane, whom he’d been cheating on prolifically? Probably a little of both.

But things were moving fast in Beatle World. Just a couple days from now Paul himself would leave for the U.S., where he would reconnect with Linda Eastman. More on that when the time comes.

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