Today the musical Hair opened on Broadway. And if you’re wondering how that’s related to our project here, you’re not the only one.

There is a frustrating dearth of Beatle-related data during the time period currently under scrutiny, and so your friendly scribe is perhaps grasping at straws a little bit. Hair is, doubtless, an important landmark in the mainstreaming of hippiedom.1 After opening Off-Broadway in October 1967, it had generated enough buzz to move to the big time, and would end up spawning a hit soundtrack album and a successful movie.

The actual quality of Hair, at least musically speaking, is debatable. Many people seem to like it, while others — especially musicians — are skeptical or hostile. John Fogerty of CCR said “Hair is such a watered down version of what is really going on that I can’t get behind it at all.” “I do not know any musician who thinks it’s good,” added John Lennon. And hey, what do you know — there is a connection. Let’s call that a lucky break and sneak away without asking any more questions.

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