Today Paul became the second Beatle to decamp from the ashram, exiting stage left with Jane Asher in tow. The Maharishi was not well-pleased, as this left him with only two in his collection — arguably the best ones, but still.

According to Beatle aide and Apple Corps board member Peter Brown, “Paul and Jane were much too sophisticated for [the Maharishi’s] mystical gibberish.” The implication seems to be that John and George were credulous bumpkins; which, at this point, maybe they were.

But the Maharishi had more problems coming: Magic Alex was on his way to tear the whole thing down. More on that later.

Upon their arrival in London, Paul and Jane granted an interview to the BBC News, where they were called upon to explain what meditation is and how the Maharishi planned to solve poverty in India. Sophisticates that they were, they parried every thrust with easy aplomb. They made a pretty good team, but the clock was ticking on their relationship; more on that, too, later.

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