Today John and Cynthia Lennon, George and Pattie Harrison, and Pattie’s younger sister Jenny Boyd left London for Delhi, en route to Rishikesh to study with the Maharishi. Here they are at Heathrow:

The thought bubbles are something like this:

  • George: Damn, my wife is hot.
  • John: Damn, George’s wife is hot.
  • Cynthia: George’s wife is hot, goddamnit.
  • Patti: Why is everyone looking at me?
  • Jenny: Why is no one looking at me?

At this point Jenny, then 20, was considered one of the most beautiful women in the Swinging London scene. About the only time everyone in the room wasn’t staring at her was when she was standing next to her sister. At this point she may have been regretting her decision to come along on this trip; or maybe it was nice to get a break for once.

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