Today Mal Evans flew to India in advance of The Beatles, carrying a bunch of their stuff with him. Says The Beatles Bible,

Evans took Qantas flight 754 to Delhi, flying from London Airport. There was a charge of £195.19.6d for the excess baggage, a considerable sum in 1968.

The ever-faithful Evans had been serving The Beatles as road manager, bodyguard, confidante, and even joint roller since 1963. That’s him fixing John’s collar above.

Living as they did in a golden bubble, The Beatles were fairly helpless in the mundane matters of life, and often needed someone to do things like take their luggage to India for them. But Mal Evans, according to Ringo Starr, was something of a superman:

He was our bodyguard, but he was great at it because he would never hurt anyone. He was just big enough to say, “Excuse me, let the boys through.” He was pretty strong. He could lift the bass amp on his own, which was a miracle. He should have been in the circus.

Paul added,

I do remember one incident: going up the motorway when the windscreen got knocked out by a pebble. Our great road manager Mal Evans was driving and he just put his hat backwards on his hand, punched the windscreen out completely, and drove on.

And George Harrison told this story of Evans’ almost obsessive drive to fulfill The Beatles’ every whim:

We were boating along the canals [in Amsterdam], waving and being fab and we saw a bloke standing in the crowd with a groovy-looking cloak on. We sent Mal to find out where he got it from. Mal jumped off or swam off the boat and about three hours later turned up at our hotel with the cloak, which he’d bought from the guy.

They don’t make ’em like that anymore.

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