To the best of my knowledge, today was the first time in 1968 when the four Beatles were all together. They gathered at Twickenham Film Studios to record a brief live-action appearance for the Yellow Submarine movie. Says The Beatles Bible:

The sequence was carefully scripted, although The Beatles’ natural charm recalled the witticisms of their early press conferences, group interviews and fan club recordings.

The finished product looked something like this:

(Sorry the audio on this sucks so bad, but it was not so easy to find — copyright blah blah blah.)

Later in the day, George, John, and Cynthia Lennon attended a fashion show in London where George’s wife was one of the models. A few seconds of Pattie Harrison’s runway appearance were filmed; you can see them frame-by-frame, as if they were the Zapruder film, here.

Supposedly Magic Alex was there too. Let me know if you spot him.

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