Today the Wonderwall sessions got underway in Bombay, with George Harrison leading a large band of Indian musicians playing instruments including (according to The Beatles Bible):

  • ahapurush
  • dholak
  • pakavaj
  • santorr
  • sarod
  • shanhai
  • sur-bahar
  • taar shehnai
  • tabla-tarang

I’m pretty sure that some of those are actually appetizers, but never mind. George seemed to be inspired by the setting, on the top floor of a downtown insurance building. Seeming limitations, such as the use of a two-track tape recorder and the lack of soundproofing, came to feel like advantages:

It was fantastic really. The studio is on top of the offices … [and] if you listen closely to some of the Indian tracks on the LP you can hear taxis going by … I mixed everything as we did it there, and that was nice enough because you get spoiled working on eight and sixteen tracks.

In the U.S., meanwhile, the new edition of Look magazine published Beatles photos taken by Richard Avedon back on August 11, 1967. Lennon was on the cover, looking like this:

With similarly psychedelic portraits of Paul and George inside:

While Ringo’s was a little more understated, with an oddly messianic cast to it:

There was also a more conventional black-and-white shot of the whole band:

And while we’re at it, the issue also included what appears to be a fairly glamorous spread on the Hell’s Angels, who will turn up quite a bit in our unfolding tale over the next couple years:

So keep that somewhere in the back of your brain for future reference. But we’d better stop for now; by the 1 pic = 1000 words conversion, we’re up to 5,277 words for today, and that’s more than enough.

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