There were Beatles sessions on these days, but they consisted entirely of studio technicians making tape copies of songs to hand off to the producers of the Yellow Submarine movie. So, not much to talk about there. What else was happening?

One website says that it was on November 22 that the BBC banned “I Am the Walrus” from being played on its airwaves, aghast at John’s use of the phrases “pornographic priestess” and “let your knickers down.” The “Hello Goodbye”/“Walrus” single would not actually be released until Friday the 24th, but I assume the BBC had received an advance copy. I’m not sure how much they would have played “Walrus” anyway; it is, after all, weird as fuck.

John Lennon deserves a lot of credit for helping to make the world safe for weirdness. By exposing mainstream audiences to things as strange as “I Am the Walrus” and “Come Together,” he paved the way for future weird artists from David Bowie to Can to Captain Beefheart. Thanks John!

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