Today’s studio time was devoted to stereo mixes, which even in late 1967 were not considered hugely important. “Hello, Goodbye” and “Your Mother Should Know” were knocked out quickly, two takes each. “I Am The Walrus” was a little more complicated, as the radio recording of King Lear had been incorporated into the mono mix, which had to be used to create a “fake stereo” version. (This gets deep into technical details which I don’t find super-interesting; if you want to know more, please see The Beatles Bible.)

Several mixes of “Magical Mystery Tour” were also made, but none of these were deemed usable, and Paul ended up going back and adding some new parts. That will be on tomorrow’s agenda.

Most, if not all, of today’s work was handled by George Martin and his minions. The Beatles were busy at a theater in London, where they were introduced to their animated alter-egos from the in-progress Yellow Submarine film:

and photographed with a cut-out cardboard submarine:

which is a bit eerie given the appearance of a yellow submarine at the recent March on the Pentagon. The many levels of different Beatles, real and imagined, were beginning to get complicated at this point in history. Fortunately, most of those who cared were adhering to a strict drug regimen to keep their minds limber.

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