Today Paul put the finishing touches on “Hello Goodbye,” adding a second bassline before the song was mixed for the anticipated single release.

I thought I didn’t have anything else to say about “Hello Goodbye,” but this morning I happened to hear “We Can Work It Out,” and it occurred to me that both are really about the same thing: Paul’s fraught and complicated relationship with John Lennon. In his book Lennon vs. McCartney, author Adam Thomas says:

Paul’s single “Hello Goodbye” dealt with the dichotomy of positive and negative forces, and served as a critique of the difference in outlook between himself and John. Paul’s own explanation for the song was that: “There are Geminian influences here I think, the twins. It’s such deep theme of the universe, duality…I was advocating the more positive side of the duality.”

In the Lennon/McCartney dyad it fell to John to be the naysayer, and I think that Paul’s relentless positivity tended to push him farther in that direction. He was a Libra, after all.

…and I’m being told that two astrology references in one day is all I’m allowed by law. That’s it till tomorrow.

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