More work today on “I Am the Walrus” and “Flying,” at this point still called “Aerial Tour Instrumental.” For the former, yesterday’s orchestral and choral overdubs were mixed into an existing take; for the latter, says The Beatles Bible, “Lennon and Starr … prepared some tape loops containing Mellotron, organ and chimes, to replace the previous Dixieland ending.”

And that’s the name of that tune. I’ll keep it short today, but I did want to share with you this contemporaneous anecdote I just read in Geoff Emerick’s Here, There and Everywhere. I have no idea if it actually happened today — Emerick doesn’t date it — but it could have.

Everyone was heading home at the end of a late-night session in which John was in an unusually foul mood; for some reason, I found myself at the top of the Abbey Road steps just as John’s driver was trying to maneuver his psychedelic Rolls-Royce out of the car park and through the crowd of fans, who were blocking the exit. Always the practical joker, Lennon had a speaker hidden under the hood and a microphone inside the car. All of a sudden he started shouting, “Fuck off, the lot of you!”

Startled, everyone jumped out of the way and the Roller sped off into the night, the sounds of John’s cackling laughter reverberating down the street.

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