The Beatles’ work habits, like those of many creative people, were generally erratic — running in stops and starts, with bursts of inspiration separated by long stretches of seeming inactivity while new ideas germinated. As the world’s must successful band, they had near-complete freedom to work whenever and however they liked. But for the Magical Mystery Tour project they kept to a regular five-day-a-week schedule.

September 14, then as now, was a Thursday, and we all know what Thursdays are like. Some people are very industrious on Thursdays, and some are already looking toward the weekend. On this fourth day of filming for MMT, the morning and early afternoon were fairly productive. A couple of scenes were filmed which The Beatles Bible describe as “the passengers crowding into a small tent” and “George Harrison meditating in [a] field while wearing an oversized blue jacket.” Only the former made it into the film.

At 4:00 they all piled into the bus and went back to the hotel for “lunch.” The cameras continued to run, but the atmosphere was loose, with a band playing as everyone ate and, let us assume, drank. Afterward Paul and Ringo, along with a group including Neil Aspinall and reporter Miranda Ward, descended upon the local pub. Musician Spencer Davis, whose eponymous Group had had two recent hit singles (“Gimme Some Lovin” and “I’m a Man”), happened to be vacationing at the seaside at this same time.

I’ll let Cornwall Live take it from there:

“I’m sitting in the bar [said Davis] when in walks Paul and Ringo. The punters in the pub just couldn’t believe it. Paul, being the sort of character he is, just grins at everybody, shouts out ‘Evenin’ all’ and then installs himself at the piano. He sat belting out pub songs all evening with everybody singing along until about two in the morning. That was such a great night.”

Miranda Ward said that Paul played “every pub standard” on the piano – but for some reason refused to play “Yellow Submarine.”

That same night, a brick was thrown through the window of the Magical Mystery Tour coach outside the Atlantic Hotel, and George Harrison’s beloved denim jacket was stolen.

Local bobby PC Brian Curnow went to the hotel and interviewed several people and examined the coach for any clues. The culprit was never found and George Harrison never got his favourite jacket back.

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