This is awkward.

It’s kind of adorable how, even at this late date, The Beatles still did everything together. Today all four and their significant others — including Maureen Starkey, who had just given birth six days ago — went to Euston Station in London to catch a train to Bangor, Wales. The inspiration for this journey was the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, who was on another car of the same train. Also along were Mick Jagger, Marianne Faithfull, Donovan, Magic Alex, and a horde of reporters.

Somehow in all the commotion Cynthia Lennon got separated from the rest of the party and missed the train. Much is made in Beatle lore of this symbolism. “John was on the train, speeding into the future,” she says in her memoir, “and I was left behind.” So it goes. (In fact Neil Aspinall drove her to Bangor.)

In Wales, The Beatles checked into their lodging for the trip, which was a college dorm — somewhat below their usual standards. Then they went out for Chinese food. Says Beatles biographer Hunter Davies,

When the bill came, we couldn’t pay. The Chinese waiter amazingly didn’t recognize [The Beatles], and he was afraid we were going to do a runner. Suddenly, George put his bare foot on the table and opened the sole of his sandal, where he had hidden a £20 note. The Beatles were like the royal family. They didn’t have money, didn’t use money. But George had put this £20 note there just for this sort of situation.

So now a Chinese restaurant in Bangor was in possession of a 20-pound note that smelled like George Harrison’s feet. They probably put it in the till instead of preserving it as a holy relic. So it goes.

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