No one has recorded, so far as I can tell, what John, Paul, and George did during these two days in Athens after their Greek island tour. More acid, would be my guess.

Here’s a picture of Paul playing the recorder as John, um, whistles?, while Magic Alex leans there looking shady.

What is that snakelike object blocking part of Julian’s face? Whose head is that in the lower part of the picture? What is that jacket John is wearing? Are they on some kind of train, or ship, or what? I don’t really want the answers to these questions, I just enjoy asking them.

And here’s another pic, I think from the same trip:

This one looks like it could be captioned “John Lennon just before his mysterious disappearance, 1967.” Notice how everyone else is averting their eyes, as if they know something bad is about to happen. There’s a good conspiracy theory in there somewhere; your suggestions welcome.

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