We Beatlical scholars share the heavy burden of trying to find something new to say about, for instance, today’s session — during which more vocals were added to “Magical Mystery Tour” and some mono mixes were made. If only someone had had the foresight to film every minute of every session, we might perhaps find some nugget of insight, some piece of witty banter. As it is, we’re left with a lot of space to fill.

One thing that’s struck me more and more in doing research for this blog is just how much work can go into those three minutes of delight that we call a pop song. “MMT” was now on its third day of recording, with several more to go. It took thousands of man-hours (and they were, at that point in time, man-hours) to create Sgt. Pepper’s thirty-nine minutes and fifty-two seconds. Some might question if this is the best possible use of the finite resource that is human intelligence and creativity — but it makes perfect sense to me.

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