Today Paul McCartney flew from San Francisco to Denver to meet up with his girlfriend, Jane Asher. Starting at about the 5:40 mark here, you can see some footage of Paul arriving in Denver, looking awfully nifty in a brown striped blazer.

At 6:26 Paul lifts his left pant leg and if you look real close, just above his blue sock you’ll see a tiny, tiny tattoo that says “I’m dead.” (If you can’t see it, even after watching 30 or 40 times, keep in mind that this is April.) Starting at 6:30 there are some shots of Paul and Jane cavorting together. This sort of looks like creepy stalker footage, but I am told that it was taken with Paul’s permission by Mal Evans, his right-hand man and companion on this trip.

As it happens I am writing this at SFO en route to New Orleans. I mention it a) because I am excited and b) in case the food and drink stupor prevents me from posting over the next few days. My intentions are good, so we’ll see what happens.

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