There was one last order of business today for Sgt. Pepper — recording the strings that George Martin had scored to accompany the Indian instruments on “Within You Without You.” Of The Beatles, only George was present; Paul had already flown off the the U.S., where he would meet up with his girlfriend Jane Asher in San Francisco. The activities of the other two are not recorded; John was probably sleeping one off, Ringo was probably having tea.

For a minute there I was thinking about adding a feature to this site that would show where on Earth each Beatle was located on any given day. Then I realized that a) I have nowhere near the technical savvy to create something like that, and b) there’s often no way of knowing, anyhow. Perhaps after the time machine is done, we’ll go back and implant a transponder in each one of them at birth. That would then require somehow monitoring the transponders, which would be a tricky project, but I’m sure we can figure something out. In the fullness of time all things are possible.

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