The I Ching tells us that “The wise rulers of the past interrupted all activity on this day (the Winter Solstice). This is a time of silent awakening.”

The Beatles, however, defied the ancient wisdom by showing up at Abbey Road today. The first order of business was to record clarinet parts for “When I’m Sixty Four,” with three guest clarinetists in the studio for that purpose, and then make a few mono mixes of the finished song. I don’t know if The Beatles themselves were involved in this part, or if they were even there; this was George Martin work.

Later in the evening, though, the band resumed fiddling around with “Strawberry Fields Forever.” “John Lennon re-recorded his lead vocals onto track three,” says The Beatles Bible, “accompanied by snare drum and occasional piano. This was done between 10pm and 11.45pm.” So the boys could have been home by midnight, dreaming beautiful Beatle dreams in their cozy Beatle beds.

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