“On the evening of December 20th 1966,” says beatlesinterviews.org, “each of the Beatles arrived separately for the group’s scheduled recording session. Each was interviewed by ITN-TV just outside of EMI’s Abbey Road Studios.”

And this appears to have been true.

There are a few odd things about this footage. One is that, although I’m led to believe that the boys had agreed to be interviewed, it seems like they are being accosted. John participates only grudgingly, answering questions with a grimace, while George blows off the interviewer altogether.

Interviewer: How about another word?
George: There aren’t any more words!

Another is that no one seems to be dressed for winter, although it’s the day before the Winter Solstice (as is today) in London. Are they too cool to be cold, or are they just used to it?

It’s worth noting, too, that only John arrived during daylight hours. This somewhat belies his reputation as the laziest Beatle. Ringo arrives after dark but apparently still hoping he’s made it for tea time.

The actual agenda for the day’s session involved overdubs for “When I’m Sixty-Four,” with Paul, George, and John adding backing vocals and Ringo playing chimes. Given the relative insignificance of this song in the Beatles canon, at least in this scribe’s humble opinion, there aren’t any more words to be said about that.

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