Today, I am told, John Lennon and George Harrison crossed paths with the Four Tops at a party hosted by Brian Epstein. This came a week after the Tops played a show at the Savile Theatre in London, which Epstein owned.

According to longtime Top Duke Fakir,

We did one of our best shows and [Epstein] was so happy, he was almost crying. The audience was standing in the aisles calling for more and more and he said, “You guys did it!”

Of the party Fakir said:

Everybody was there – The Beatles, the Rolling Stones, the Small Faces, you name it. Anybody who was doing anything in England. They respectfully asked us questions about our music and it was almost like a loving thing – they really embraced us.

Amazingly enough the Four Tops — Fakir, Levi Stubbs, Obie Benson, and Lawrence Payton — sang together for 44 years with no personnel changes until Payton passed away in 1997. They are well worth a listen, now as always.

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