Today marked a turning point in Beatles history. Visiting the Indica Gallery in London, John Lennon was introduced to an artist named Yoko Ono. Says John:

John Dunbar introduced us – neither of us knew who the hell we were, she didn’t know who I was, she’d only heard of Ringo, I think, it means apple in Japanese. And Dunbar had sort of been hustling her, saying, “That’s a good patron, you must go and talk to him or do something.” John Dunbar insisted she say hello to the millionaire. And she came up and handed me a card which said “breathe” on it, one of her instructions, so I just went [pant]. This was our meeting.

The effects of this fateful moment would not be felt for awhile yet, and John and Yoko would not actually become a couple until 1968. But today was when the wheels were set in motion.

When I met Yoko is when you meet your first woman and you leave the guys at the bar and you don’t go play football anymore and you don’t go play snooker and billiards. Maybe some guys like to do it every Friday night or something and continue that relationship with the boys, but once I found the woman, the boys became of no interest whatsoever, other than they were like old friends….

The old gang of mine was over the moment I met her. I didn’t consciously know it at the time, but that’s what was going on.

So in one way of looking at it, this was the beginning of the end of The Beatles. But there is a long way still to go, and miles to go before we sleep, and miles to go before we sleep….

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