I’m always happy for an opportunity to show off my erudition by using the word “penultimate” correctly. Too many people think that “penultimate” means “totally, like, the most ultimate.” You and I know that it means “the one before the last.”

In any case, today went down in history as The Beatles’ penultimate live performance (unless you count the rooftop concert in London, which people usually don’t). It took place at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles and apparently things got a little, um, dodgy. The Beatles Bible:

The concert promoter had arranged only 102 security staff for the Dodger Stadium, and dozens were hurt and 25 arrested when fans clashed with police during a rush for the main gates as the concert ended. The Beatles’ limousine was forced to turn back after fans climbed over it, and they retreated to the offices beneath the grandstand.

Police used clubs to keep people at bay, and the gates were charged by fans wielding wooden barricades. Bottles and sticks were thrown at police before control could be restored. Crowds remained in the stadium for some time after The Beatles left the stage.

Adds Tony Barrow:

All four boys were on the point of despair and we were discussing the possibility that our party might have to stay cooped up at the stadium overnight. Ringo broke the ensuing silence by saying in a small voice: “Can I please go home to my mummy now, please can I?”

They did eventually get away, and spent another night in LA before heading to San Francisco for their post-penultimate show at Candlestick Park.

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