Today The Beatles were on the cover of the Saturday Evening Post. That was a pretty big deal at one time; according to Wikipedia, the Post “was one of the most widely circulated and influential magazines for the American middle class, with fiction, non-fiction, cartoons and features that reached millions of homes every week.”

But that was a long time ago. I doubt most young people have even heard of the Post, and there’s no particular reason why they should have; its era is long in the past. It it still published though, if only every other month, and there is in fact a — which feels like an anachronism if ever there was one, but means that you can click on the link I’m about to give you to see the August 27, 1966 cover story, entitled “The Monarchs of the Beatle Empire.”

I’m not sure that you’ll be able to actually read it, as the site is a technological disaster — which is only appropriate, I guess, for a magazine whose primary audience is senior citizens.

The Beatles themselves, meanwhile, were enjoying another day off in Los Angeles; I’m not sure how. Maybe they went to Disneyland in disguise? Now there’s a great Beatles movie that was never made: The Beatles go to Disneyland in drag, take a bunch of drugs, and run amok. Lots of opportunities for celebrity cameos. Let’s call it…hmm…how about “Tomorrowland Never Knows”?

Now that I think of it, how come there isn’t a Beatles theme park? In 2008 Julian Lennon said that one was in the works, but I guess that came to nought. There’s a Yellow Submarine “virtual reality Beatles family fun ride” at a park in Berlin, but that seems to be it. The idea of a completely Beatles-themed park has a lot of potential, though it also of course could go horribly wrong. Especially if Disney was involved.

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