Between their shows in Seattle and Los Angeles The Beatles had two (2) days off in a row, an unprecedented event on this jam-packed tour. Unfortunately, the record doesn’t tell us much about how they occupied their time during this period.

About the only incident I’ve been able to dig up is that, according to Bob Spitz’s The Beatles, Brian Epstein had his briefcase stolen by a male hustler of his acquaintance. Items that the briefcase may or may not have held include:

  • Between $10,000 and $20,000 in cash
  • A bottle of seconal
  • Love letters from some of Brian’s boyfriends
  • Polaroid photographs of same

And here we are getting down into the realm of tabloid history, so let’s pursue it no further. Brian didn’t; fearing scandal, he declined to call the police, which was probably smart. He decided to just let it go, and so shall we.

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