There were two shows and a press conference in Seattle today. Apparently there was a rumor going around that Paul was going to marry his girlfriend Jane Asher while in Seattle, so one of the first questions at the press conference was about that.

I don’t know why Paul would have wanted to get married in Seattle, unless he wanted to spend his wedding night getting high at the top of the Space Needle. Nothing against Seattle, which is a wonderful city, but Paul could have gotten married in Monaco, on Easter Island, probably on the moon if he’d been willing to wait a couple of years.

In the end, Paul never did marry Jane Asher. She was apparently a little too independent-minded for him, and he does not come off well in stories of the breakup of their relationship. But then he found Linda and she seems to have set him straight.

One footnote, during the press conference The Beatles were asked a question by a guy dressed in a jolly green giant costume. (One can only wonder how this went over with our perpetually drug-addled musicians.) I don’t think he was dressed as the Jolly Green Giant of frozen peas fame; apparently there’s a jolly green giant that has something to do with Vancouver, Washington? My research so far has been unenlightening, and I’d appreciate hearing from anyone who knows more.

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