Today The Beatles returned to England after their sojourns in Germany, Japan, the Philippines, and India. They were probably eager to enjoy some downtime, but first they had to endure a press conference where journalists wanted to hear about the sticky wicket they’d gotten themselves into in Manila. “We’ll just never go to any nuthouses again,” concluded John.

Coincidentally a new British EP was also released on this day. Well, new-ish; the four songs on it were all from Rubber Soul, now over six months old. Presumably this was an attempt by EMI to squeeze a few more shekels from the old album before the new one could appear. Relatively harmless, I suppose, as music-business shenanigans go.

In the near future, The Beatles would have enough clout to avoid all of these things: touring, being at the press’s beck and call, releasing redundant and unnecessary records. But for now I imagine them all making their way to their respective homes, yawning and stretching, and climbing into Beatles PJs to go to Beatles bed and dream Beatles dreams.

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