Today Ringo was photographed at home for a feature in a magazine confusingly called “The Beatles Book.” Along with shots of the drummer by himself, the photographer also got some snaps of the family; the photo above (which I stole, again, from The Truth About the Beatles’ Girls) shows Ringo with his wife Maureen and son Zak (then 8 months old). Zak — who is, of course, now 50 — has been the drummer for The Who for a while now, and has also worked with people like Johnny Marr, Paul Weller, Oasis, the Icicle Works, and the Waterboys.

The Who connection is funny because, according to rock legend, Zak’s first drum kit was a gift from Keith Moon. Apparently Kenney Jones was just keeping the seat warm until Keith’s hand-picked successor was ready to go.

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