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Today, according to a blog I just found called “The Truth About the Beatles Girls,” George Harrison and his wife Pattie were in Monte Carlo for the opening day of the Monaco Grand Prix. According to TTATBG, “The Harrisons hung out with the race car drivers and watched British driver Jackie Stewart win the first Formula One race of the 1966 season.”

This seems to have been a pretty glamorous affair, a little different from the, em, proletariat setting that accompanies car racing in the U.S. It seems like sort of an odd place to find the Spiritual Beatle, but then George was a man of contradictions. In written accounts he often comes across as rather dour and difficult; Geoff Emerick’s book, in particular, is laced with thinly disguised distaste for Harrison. But he was also the Beatle who hung out with Eric Idle, financed Monty Python movies, and appeared in Saturday Night Live sketches.

What’s more, in 1987 George’s Handmade Films bankrolled a little movie called Withnail and I, which some of us consider one of the greatest cinematic achievements of all time. For that alone, George deserves to be remembered fondly for as long as the Earth continues spinning.

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