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It was a busy day at EMI Studios today. For starters, says Geoff Emerick,

Alan Civil — formerly of the London Philharmonic and then the principal horn player of the BBC Symphony Orchestra — was brought in to add French horn to Paul’s haunting song “For No One.” Alan was under a lot of pressure doing that overdub, because it was so hard to hit the high note in the solo. In fact. most people would have never written that part for a French horn player because it was too high to play, but that was the note Paul wanted to hear, and so that was the note he was going to get. We felt that Alan, being the best horn player in London, could actually hit it, even though most horn players couldn’t. Alan was reluctant  to even try it; he was actually breaking out into a sweat, telling everyone it shouldn’t be done. But eventually he gave it a go and pulled it off.

Meanwhile, over in Studio 1, The Beatles were making music videos — or, in the parlance of their times, “promotional films” — for “Rain” and “Paperback Writer.” They were one of the first, if not the first, to forego the usual round of TV appearances and instead just distribute clips they had made. The ones filmed today were eventually shown on the Ed Sullivan Show, but since we have the miracle of time control, we can see them now:

The Beatles – Paperback Writer/Rain by newcanadian

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