Today, according to The Beatles Bible,

The Beatles gave two sets of interviews for BBC radio programmes…at the Playhouse Theatre in London.

The first was for the 400th edition of Saturday Club. The Beatles discussed their work so far on the as-yet-untitled Revolver, along with the forthcoming US tour and their lower public profile in 1966. The interviewer was Brian Matthew.

Afterwards Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr remained behind to be interviewed again by Matthew for Pop Profile, a show for the BBC Transcription Service to be syndicated overseas.

You can hear the latter on The Beatles On Air: Live at the BBC, Vol. 2, a compilation released in 2013. They lend a small — very small — amount of insight into what The Beatles were doing in their spare time.

Matthew: When you’re not being a Beatle, what sorts of things interest you most?

Paul: I don’t know, lots of things, you know. I like music. Just anyway. I like writing music.

I sort of feel like Paul didn’t understand the question, but Ringo doesn’t fare much better:

Matthew: What do you do during the time that you’re off?

Ringo: Sit around most of the time. I just don’t do anything. Just play records, you know, the usual stuff anybody does when they sit round.

Later in the evening of May 2, Paul and Beatles aide-de-camp Neil Aspinall paid a visit to a nightclub called Dolly’s. Bob Dylan, Brian Jones, and Keith Richards were there. You’d like to think that some deep conversations were had, but more likely they just got high and chatted up birds.

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