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There was some work today on “Got You into My Life” — “Rough mono mixes, without echo, for the purpose of cutting acetates,” says Mark Lewisohn — but it doesn’t appear that any of The Beatles were present for it.

So what were they doing? One slight frustration of this project is the relative paucity of information about what the boys were doing when they weren’t recording or appearing in public. Imagine what it would be like today — you could just look at their Twitter feeds and know what they were up to, probably on a minute-by-minute basis. Imagine John Lennon on Twitter. Imagine what the “Beatles are bigger than Jesus” shitstorm would have been like on social media.

Given the lack of relevant content, let’s see what else was happening on April 25. I found an article headlined “The Fireball of April 25, 1966: Photographic Observations and Orbit Determination,” which says:

On April 25, 1966, a bright meteor appeared over the north-eastern United States and travelled northward to the St. Lawrence River. As this took place in the early evening, and as it had a flat trajectory, long duration, and spectacular bursts as it entered the atmosphere, it was a memorable and well-publicized event.

So, possible UFO landing there…what else was happening, The Wikipedia?

  • The Kelud volcano in Indonesia, in East Java, erupted, sending lava and hot ash over into the surrounding area.
  • Eleven schoolchildren, mostly 7 and 8 years old, were killed by a drunken driver in Belgium in the town of Waregem-Asse while their teacher was giving them a lesson on how to safely cross the street.

That last one sounds like something John might have written a song about. What rhymes with “Waregem-Asse”?

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