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I do want to geek out a little about “Rain,” but first I wanted to share the cover of the April 15, 1966 edition of Time magazine:


Nothing was happening at Abbey Road that day, or at least no Beatles session, but the world around it definitely was. Happening, I mean.

Swinging London, as they called it, has to have been one of the top 10 places and times to be alive in the history of this planet. If I ever get my time machine finished, it will be near the top of my list.

Just in terms of music, The Beatles, the Stones, the Kinks, the Who, the Small Faces, Pink Floyd, Cream, Traffic, and Jimi Hendrix were either active at this time or would be soon. Also, says The Wikipedia, “This sort of music was heard in the United Kingdom over pirate radio stations such as Radio Caroline, Wonderful Radio London, and Swinging Radio England because the BBC did not allow this on their radio station.” And what could be cooler than pirate radio?

Of course, for many of us, when we think of Swinging London, the first thing we think of is Austin Powers. I don’t know if that was what it was really like, but I’m sure that somewhere in town someone who looked like Elizabeth Hurley was walking around in a leather catsuit, and when I get there I’m going to find her.

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