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This morning, as if they had just been waiting for the White Album to be finished, the police raided Ringo’s flat in Montagu Square, where John and Yoko were staying. This did not come entirely as a surprise, said Lennon:

That thing was set up. The Daily Express was there before the cops came. In fact, Don Short had told us, “They’re coming to get you,” three weeks before. So, believe me, I’d cleaned the house out, because Jimi Hendrix had lived there before in the apartment, and I’m not stupid. I went through the whole damn house.

And if the image of Beatle John frantically “hoovering” (as the Brits call it) to try and pick up every last marijuana seed left behind by Ringo and Jimi does not amuse you, I don’t know what I can do to help. In fact this whole affair, though sordid and degrading to all involved, had many farcical qualities, with John and Yoko dressed only in vests, policemen coming in through the window, and drug-sniffing dogs named “Yogi” and “Booboo.”

Though John had apparently done a decent job of cleaning — only trace amounts of hash were found in the bedroom and bathroom — he’d neglected to account for the fact that there were many unopened boxes of his possessions in the flat. When searched, these yielded (says The Beatles Bible) “27.3 grains of hashish in an unsealed brown envelope in a blue trunk in the bedroom” and “191.8 grains of hashish in a binocular case in the living room.” Continue reading »